Monkey Mush

Formed in 1989. Members: Tommi, Harri, Onkel

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Track Name: Anal Throat Rapist - 1992
A magnet in his ass, which wants to rule his life, it's attracted to human throats, shit from it flows, stomach full of shit, what a beautiful hint
Track Name: Lehtori Syfilis - 1992
Lehtori syfilis pyllyä kaivoi, ja pikku lapsia kaipas paljon, pepusta mehut valui ulos, ja lehtorin sielu vessaan hukkui
Track Name: The Horror Hormons - 1992
The hormons are flying in the air, with a green wheelchair, watch out they got a laser penis, they will catch you and you will become their sex-slave, the horror hormons is coming!
Track Name: Handicap Oral Egg Sex with a Virgin Asshole - 1992
Her mouth stretched open to the max, but she kept trying to force more cock down her now bulging throat, after lubricating his fingers, he inserted one up her virgin asshole, he got an egg out of the fridge, he cracks it over the sink and rubbed the white stuff over his shaft
Track Name: Pastor Paradis - 1992
Han älskar att vänta på din heliga kuk, han driver ut demoner med sin snopp, pastor paradis dricker helig fisnektar ur sin frus feta fitta
Track Name: Lasercow from Heaven - 1992
Fucking piss hair! laser cows are coming, they scream jehova! and whips his cock red, everybody dies in agony and the lasercows are now happy???
Track Name: Jesus Was a Whore - 1992
Jesus was dead, i disgraced his rotting corpse, i raped him in the ass until he bled, the blood turned me on so i fucked him harder, jesus was a whore, so i ripped his little virgin cock off
Track Name: Lättöl - 1992
Track Name: Ronald Den Fete - 1992
Med mage stor som en ballong, han fiser hela dagen lång, Ronald kan ej smeka snoppen ty magen täcker hela kroppen, så han får pulla trång fisa och drömma om biafra lisa
Track Name: Sallad Raper - 1992
A man is walking with sallad in his pants, his penis is throbbing popcorn in his ass, he's the flowerman jesus have sent
Track Name: Rubber Slave - 1992
He saves his life with his anal vibrator, but his grandmother uses him as a rubber slave, she rapes him with a big horse whip, he loves it and eats potato fart
Track Name: Anna - 1992
Segnälkab annA!!!
Track Name: Bo Gerdin - 1992
Man med hårlös fisa äter polis bajskorv
Track Name: Row in the Night - 1990
Come into my labyrinth
Enter my excrement
Here's no flowers
You can collect
Your infected hearing aid
Becomes a penis
When your cancer grows
I can be your parrot
Track Name: Sadistic Cannibal - 1990
Squirt your cum down her throat
Hear her gurgle with enjoy
Then spread a plate full of shit
All over her expanded tits
Track Name: Acne - 1990
The spaceship is getting closer
It sinks into the mouldy surface
Like a vulcanization the surface is bursting
Like a beaming fish from beyond
Red colours like a sexual intercourse
Is gathering around the opening
Now it's spreading itself
And you are a cake
Track Name: Error - 1990
My grandmother controls my internal functions from outside
Her remote controller commands my anus and penis
My stomach is her amusement park
I am throwing up when she, scornful of laughter, press a button
When I am going to sleep she punish me with a powerful diarrhoea
She gives me incontinence
I am a pet!
Track Name: Killa Mig - 1990
Killa mig i fisan med ett strå
Track Name: Microwaved Foetus - 1990
Miscarriage, rip out foetus
Slice it into small pieces
Put in on a plate
And put it in the microwave

Microwaved foetus
Track Name: I Step on Your Liver - 1990
I step on your liver
Track Name: Your Tongue Is My Parachute - 1990
Your tongue is my parachute
Track Name: Folköl - 1990
Track Name: Horsedick Marmelade - 1990
Horsedick marmelade
Track Name: The Morgue Is Full of Ties - 1990
The morgue is full of ties
Track Name: Untitled Tracks - Rehearsal 04.10.89 - 1989
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